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Global Business Enterprise Firm Partners With Endeavor To Locate New Headquarters

The Challenge

Emerge is a globally recognized business enterprise consulting and managed services company creating innovative sales, marketing and operations solutions. Emerge services Fortune 100 companies on an international scale, with additional offices in New York City, Arizona, India and Japan. When it came time to relocate their Rochester headquarters, Emerge turned to Endeavor to secure a property that accurately reflected the company’s image and culture, while also offering optimal accessibility to major highways and amenities.


The Process

A comprehensive property search ensued whereby we exposed the Emerge team to the most viable opportunities in the marketplace.  After it was certain no stone was left unturned, a thorough evaluation was conducted to determine the suitability of each candidate. We zeroed in on a centrally located, multi-level office building and began the negotiation of a purchase contract. We streamlined the transaction, ensuring all key legal and business points were as pro-buyer as possible to eliminate any false starts and maximize potential savings for our client.

The Solution

We were able to uncover a property that satisfied Emerge’s immediate growth needs as well as accommodated future projected expansion plans. The building offered sizeable floor plates,  structural integrity and renovation potential – all in a serene, wooded park-like setting just seconds from a major expressway. Each of these characteristics lended themselves well to the collaborative, dynamic nature of Emerge’s leaders and staff. Renovations to expose the ceilings and open up the floor plans began immediately following the acquisition. The intrinsic qualities of the structure ultimately allowed Emerge to dramatically transform the building into a modern office HQ with a blanced mix of open space and private offices in a one-of-a-kind ‘Adironack’ setting, creating an environment supportive of Emerge’s vision and brand.

Requirement:  15,000 square feet

Sector/Type:  TAMI

Location:  Rochester, New York

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